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Unleash a Taste Sensation with Our Exquisite Aperitif Kit: Elevate your culinary journey with a carefully curated assortment in our gift box, designed to craft an exceptional aperitif experience. Indulge in the richness of our 250 ml bottle of premium extra virgin olive oil, sourced directly from our bountiful olive groves. Delight in the sun-soaked flavors of our vacuum-sealed, 150g pack of sun-dried tomatoes, capturing the essence of Sicilian sunshine in every bite.


Enhance your creations with our delectable jar of artisanal oregano and chili mix, adding a perfect balance of warmth and aroma to your dishes. And for that irresistible twist, infuse your culinary endeavors with the distinctive and bold flavors of our red Nubian garlic, sourced for its unique characteristics.


This exclusive kit is not only a celebration of taste but also a showcase of our commitment to quality and sustainability. Each element has been thoughtfully selected to provide you with an authentic taste of our Sicilian heritage. Unlock the secrets of Sicilian flavors and embark on a gastronomic journey like no other. Order now to elevate your aperitif moments and create cherished memories with Bosco Emma's finest offerings.

DIY dried-tomatoes kit


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