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Discover Our Family Farm and Olive Oil Legacy

Allow us to introduce ourselves - Rodrigo and Camilla, partners from different corners of the world, united by a shared love for nature and a vision of sustainable living. In the year 2020, we embarked on a life-altering journey to cultivate a haven nestled among 300 olive trees, a dream that led us to the captivating landscapes of Sicily.

Guided by a profound belief in all-natural, organic practices, we left behind our former careers in engineering and architecture, choosing to embrace a more eco-friendly, organic lifestyle on our family farm. Our passion extends beyond the olives that flourish under the Sicilian sun – it encompasses a holistic way of life that nourishes both the land and the soul.

Our journey is further enriched by the presence of our beloved daughters, Emma (4 years old) and Rosa (6 months), who light up our farm with their laughter and curiosity. Embracing animals like donkeys, sheep, and chickens, we're devoted to promoting sustainable farming and business, guided by the understanding that nature provides us with everything we need.

At the heart of our endeavor lies the production of exquisite organic olive oil. From the meticulous care of the olive trees to the artful pressing of their fruit, we bring forth a liquid gold that embodies the essence of our farm and the richness of Sicilian tradition. We take immense pride in sharing our olive oil with enthusiasts who seek a taste of authenticity and a connection to the land.

As we tend to our olive groves and craft our oil, we're reminded daily of the harmony between nature and life. We invite you to share in our story, to walk among the rows of ancient trees, and to savor the fruits of our labor – a taste of Sicily's heritage and the embodiment of a family's dedication to nurturing the land.

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