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Story of a Unique Orange: The Ovaletto

In Calatafimi, Trapani province, along the banks of the Kaggera River, flourishing citrus groves have thrived since the Arab era. In one of these "orange gardens" in the early 1900s, an accountant selected an oval-shaped orange – late, incredibly juicy, and flavorful – later named the Ovaletto di Calatafimi.

The orange cv. Ovaletto di Calatafimi was born between 1910 and 1920 in an orange grove owned by Giuseppe Tumminia in Calatafimi (Trapani), situated at an elevation of 200m. The genetic origin of Ovaletto di Calatafimi is rather uncertain due to the considerable heterogeneity of existing cultivars in the mentioned citrus grove. However, the most credible hypothesis, shared by the owner, is that it is a bud mutation of the "Ovale Calabrese."

This orange is:

  • A blonde variety that ripens in spring, from April to late June.

  • Elongated in shape.

  • Seedless.

  • Its peel is fairly smooth and thin.

  • A subtle yellow-orange hue.

  • The flesh is light orange and rich in juice.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry Policies has included the Ovaletto di Calatafimi in the list of Traditional Agri-Food Products of the Sicily region (PAT). Experience this unique citrus treasure at Bosco Emma – your gateway to authentic Sicilian flavors and heritage.


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