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Harvest Time

In September, here in the woods, we harvest.

Tradition and flavor unite on the day of the grape harvest.

Thanks to Franco, we've added a small vineyard to our countryside.

And thanks to Carlos, the oenologist and master brewer of Picara in Salemi, we've crafted an exceptional wine.

The vineyard is small, the drinkers are plentiful... it's almost gone already!

Given the wonderful outcome, next September, we invite you to join us for this magical moment.

Our grapes are Catarratto and a bit of Perricone (which is still waiting in barrels to be tasted). These are ancient vines, characteristic of the land, with a strong and bold taste, just like this soil.

Visit us at Bosco Emma to experience this extraordinary vineyard journey firsthand. Indulge in the authentic taste of our Catarratto and Perricone grapes – a true testament to our remarkable Sicilian terroir.

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